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  1. Hello,

    I intending go to Coral Spring to study…
    I need a school, I would like know how your school works…

    How many students there are?
    How many brasilians?
    If there is a levels?
    How much spend for levels?
    How much time for levels?
    If is more people, there is even price?


    Maria Eliza

  2. João Gabriel Romanzini says:

    Good Afternoon, My name is João Gabriel Romanzini
    I will spend a period in the USA to improve my level of English, would like to have more information on the English courses offered by the institution. If in case there is someone who speaks Portuguese al, will be best to keep in touch and so we check the best option for my case. Beyond the information also would like to know, what values​​, curriculum and accreditation. Would like to identify a school next to Pompano Beach.

    thank you,
    Contact Hope,
    João Gabriel Romanzini

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