Language of Love

In 2005, Leslie had a near-death experience. During surgery, she left her body and went to heaven. This experience transformed her life, and she has written a book about what she experienced and learned during her time in the amazing light-filled realm that she calls True Home. Among other things she learned while there, she learned we are all loved unconditionally and that we are valuable simply through our existence. Everyone is valuable, special, and wonderful– just in different ways. There is no reason to have fear. This knowledge gave Leslie a new perspective of life on earth and that created in her a peaceful confidence she had not previously had. Transformed by the light, she was able to open Lott English Academy among many other things that had previously seemed impossible. Knowing we are all loved eternally and unconditionally changes everything.

Because she has always loved languages and teaching language, Leslie was also completely intrigued by the form of communication used in heaven. She describes this in great detail in her first book, Heaven’s Perspective. She feels one of the reasons she came back to continue her life here is to share with others about the unconditional love of heaven– and to remind everyone about the first language we ever knew, the language that is used to communicate in heaven, the Language of Love.

Leslie’s first book, Heaven’s Perspective is available on Amazon.